Pure Indulgence

Perfectly packaged aroma bombs!
The safer, cleaner, easier way to enjoy your favourite fragrances.

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    Made in Australia

    Each soy wax melt is meticulously hand crafted here in Australia by an artisan chandler with decades of experience who now specialises exclusively in creating highly scented premium melts.

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    Eco-friendly Packaging

    No environmentally unfriendly plastic packaging.  No messy or stubborn plastic moulds to have to divide, slice or break up. All packaging is eco-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable.

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    Free Shipping

    We offer free delivery within Australia for orders over $35.
    Treat yourself to the relaxing and calming therapy that Soy Scentsations Deluxe promises to imbue.

Premium Melts

Simply pop one of our premium hand made melts into the top of a suitable oil burner. You’ll soon be enjoying the opulent aromas of your chosen fragrance diffusing throughout your living space.

  • MPR005ABU | Soy Scentsations Deluxe
  • MPR010BRV | Soy Scentsations Deluxe
  • MPR015CHC | Soy Scentsations Deluxe

Adorned Gift Range Melts

Our exclusive adorned gift range melts are embellished with delightful decorations
which amplify the indulgent aromatic experience even more.  Enjoy!

  • MGR005ABU 1 | Soy Scentsations Deluxe
  • MGR008EXW | Soy Scentsations Deluxe
  • MGR010COF | Soy Scentsations Deluxe

Why Soy Scentsations Deluxe?

Pure indulgence! Superbly designed and created for nothing other than pure aromatic pleasure, our melts are hand made from 100% pure soy wax. Why soy wax?

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    Soy wax is a natural alternative vegetable wax made from pure soy beans.

    Our soy wax is biodegradable, non-toxic, eco-friendly and Kosher certified.

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    No Harmful Additives

    We can guarantee that our soy wax contains
    • NO genetically modified material
    • NO paraffin
    • NO petroleum products or derivatives
    • NO herbicides or pesticides

Our aromatic oils are carefully selected from Australian suppliers. Why?

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    Our oils are designed and developed in Australia.  Many of our fragrance oils contain a high percentage of essential oils so they produce an accurate and natural scent.

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    Ethical and Safe

    All of our aromatic oils are non-toxic and are completely vegan and cruelty-free. They do not contain any palm oil, paraben or phthalate.

Each of our exclusive soy wax melts is in a class of its own. Why?

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    No dangerous and messy measuring of water and oil mixtures in your burner.

    No toxic smoke and associated dangers from burning wicks in perfumed candles or incense.

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    Sumptuous oil saturation throughout three scented layers ensures a superlative scent throw that long outlasts all inferior products.

    The separate aromas of our double-scented varieties meld only when they start melting in your burner.


"These melts have a much stronger smell than all the others I have tried. The fragrance lasts for days."

Tracey, Morley

“When I opened the package at home, the smell took my breath away. Absolutely beautiful!”

Penny, Port Kennedy

“I wanted to try a different flavoured melt but the one in the burner kept on producing a  scent for five days.”

Joanne, Waikiki

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Free Surprise Adorned Gift Melt

And free delivery within Australia if you buy any 8 Premium Melts OR a Gift Box of any
6 Adorned Melts for only $35.

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